Additional Benefits When Staying at Safi Royal Luxury Hotels

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When staying a our Hotels, you will stay at a 5 star hotel, with a very attractive and low rate, and have a privileged and strategic location, in both Safi Centro and Safi Valle. But that’s not all! You will also enjoy a great amount of perks, totally free, that you won’t find in any other Hotel in Monterrey.

One of the most attractive benefits for our guests, is the Wireless High Speed Internet, in all Hotel areas, including the rooms, without a cost.


An indoor parking lot, with Valet services, is also free of charge for our guests, and has surveillance 24 hours a day.

In your room you will find a surprise welcome gift, which is different each month, according to the season.

Welcome cocktail at our Lobby Bar, free at Safi Centro, and with a 50% discount at Safi Valle.


Daily ironing of two garments, with no charge.

Use of Business Center, available 24 hours.

Use of state of the art Fitness Center, open 24 hours at Safi Centro. (At Safi Valle it is open from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm)


International Restaurant and Room Service available 24 hours a day.

In Safi Valle, enjoy a free ride in an elegant and classic Rolls Royce Limousine, taking you to Plaza Fiesta San Agustin, the city’s most important shopping center.


In rooms with Jacuzzi, Jr. Suites, and Suites, you will find comfortable slippers and bathrobes, to make your stay even more pleasant.

We also offer special group rates, starting from 5 rooms.

Safi Royal Luxury Hotels: Always Beyond Your Expectations.

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New Tower at Safi Centro

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As some of you have noticed during your last visit to Safi Centro, we are almost finished with the construction of a new tower located right next to the hotel.

Here is the scoop of how the new building will look in just a few months; which will have more guest rooms and meeting rooms for events with an even larger capacity.

View of the tower from Av. Pino Suárez.

This is how the interior will look like, with the classic European style that distinguishes us.

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Mexican and Northern Cuisine

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Mexican cuisine is known for its varied flavors, colorful decoration, and a wide variety of spices and ingredients, which make it one of the most tasteful cuisines in the world.


The staples of Mexican cuisine are typically corn, beans, chilli, and other vegetables and animals native to the country.

Diversity is the most essential characteristic of mexican cuisine. Almost every Mexican state has its own recipes and culinary traditions; but there are certain dishes that were created locally and have become emblematic of Mexican cuisine. This is the case of pibil pork (from Yucatán), mole oaxaqueño and poblano, stuffed chile, pozole (from Sinaloa, Jalisco and Guerrero), kid goat “cabrito”, (from Coahuila and Nuevo León), menudo (from Sonora), are just a few examples of dishes that represent Mexican cuisine.

In the last decade of the 20th century, a new gastronomic movement has developed, known as “Mexican Haute Cuisine”, that uses an important part of the ingredients used in the traditional Mexican cuisine, and reelaborates them to give a new creative vitality to the country’s gastronomy.


The gastronomy of the Northern region of Mexico, has jewish, spanish and tlaxcaltecan influence, which have helped enrich the culinary scene.

We can appreciate these influences in the most typical dishes of the region, where we can highlight the kid goat, “cabrito”, that the Spanish-jewish used for their celebrations, as a substitute for the lamb. Cabrito is prepared by roasting it on a bed of charcoal or firewood, very similar to the Jewish cuisine. The famous “machito”, made with goat gut, very popular in Monterrey, is a derivation of “zarajo” from Castilla, Spain.


The semita bread, which is sweet with nuts and caramel, or milk candy, is also heritage from conquerors with Sephardic ancestry.

Another representative dish is “machacado” with eggs, which is prepared with dried beef, scrambled eggs, and occasionally with hot sauce. Some specialists say that the Tlaxcaltecas, given the harsh climate and poor agriculture of the region, had to find ways to preserve meat. Due to the lack of technology to preserve it, all they could do was to dry it in the sun, and the result of this primitive process is the delicious “machacado”.


You can try this Mexican cuisine, both traditional and new, as well as the northern cuisine, in the prestigious restaurant of Safi Royal Luxury Hotels.

As a starter, the traditional Dried Beef served with “pico de gallo” (mix of tomato, onion, and Serrano chili), and guacamole; or the northern specialty of Cheese Melt, with spicy Mexican sausage and tortillas.

For the main course, you can try the classic “Swiss style enchiladas” (whose name doesn’t relate to its origin), which are rolled tortillas stuffed with chicken covered in delicious green chile-cheese sauce. Or the Enchiladas “Poblano” style, that are also stuffed with chicken and topped with Poblano mole sauce. If you’d rather try the new Mexican cuisine, you can order a Tamarind Beef Filet, which is dipped in a tamarind peanut sauce with peanuts, served with asparagus; or if you prefer seafood, the Coconut Breaded Shrimp, covered with mango and tamarind sauce, are an excellent choice.


Another regional typical dish, that can’t be missed in our Restaurant is the Fajita Strip, a tender cut of beef, served with guacamole, baked potato and cambray onion, just as classic as the Strip Tendeloin “Tampiqueña” Style, a tender thin-cut beef served with 2 enchiladas, guacamole, and taco beans.

Our Restaurant also features varied Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Buffets, with a different specialty each day.

Our Breakfast Buffet is the most complete in Monterrey, where you can find the most representative breakfasts of Mexican cuisine, such as the famous “Machacado” with eggs, mentioned before; the chilaquiles, that are made with corn tortilla, chicken, and cheese, covered with green or red sauce, amongst many others.


If you want to taste the typical Mexican food, you can visit us on a Wednesday that is Poblano Buffet, and dishes such as Stuffed Chiles, Chicken in Mole Poblano, Veracruz-Style Red Snapper, Mexican Rice, Fried Beans, and the classic Red Enchiladas, amongst other typical dishes that are served.

In Barbecue Thursday, you can sample some typical Northern dishes, such as Marinated Fajita Strip, Corn Cream, Cheese with Slices of Chile and Corn, Chicken and Beef Flautas, grilled onions, among many others.


So on your next visit to Monterrey, and specially to Safi Hotels, don’t miss the opportunity to taste the delicious options that Mexican and Northern cuisine offer.

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Top 10 Things To Do In Monterrey

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Whether the purpose of your visit to Monterrey is business or pleasure, the City offers a variety of attractions you can enjoy during your stay. The Tourism Bureau of Nuevo León (@TurismoNL) presents us this list of the Top 10 attractions you cannot miss.

1. The Santa Lucia Riverwalk: The families’ favorite place. This walk connects the downtown area with the Fundidora Park, through a 1.5 mile water canal, which can be covered walking or by comfortable and safe motorboats. Santa Lucia is embelished with fountains, gardens, sculptures. At night a beautiful lightning gives the Riverwalk an enchanting look. Throughout the Riverwalk you can find several restaurants that vary from Mexican Gourmet to Italian. 


2. The Northeastern Museum (MUNE), is one of the punctual projects of cultural infrastructure in Nuevo León. It is a dynamic space in which the Northeast forge is reflected, which includes the states of Nuevo León, Coahuila, Tamaulipas, and Texas, with an integrating vision. TIP: with your entrance ticket to the MUNE,  you also have access to the Museum of Mexican History, and the Museum of the Government Palace, and it’s well worth the visit to the 3 of them. Wednesdays and Sundays entrance for the 3 museums is free. For more information you can visit or you can follow them in Twitter @3museos.


3. Another space that represents a valuable cultural contribution is the Steel Museum, Horno 3, located in Fundidora Park, and built inside Blast Furnace #3. This space was conceived to reflect the industrial history of the city, and to impel knowledge of science and technology, in an interactive way. For more information you can visit


 4. Cerro de la Silla (“Saddle Hill”): This the most famous icon of Monterrey and the maximum symbol of our city. Honored since 1991 as a Natural Monument by the CONAP; this natural attraction can be appreciated practically from any point in Monterrey.


5. Bishop’s Palace and Mexican Flag Monument: From the most important historic colonial monument in North-East Mexico, it is possible to enjoy an impressive panoramic view of the city and admire one of the highest flags of our country.


6. Macroplaza (“Great Square”) and Barrio Antiguo (“Old Quarter”): Square in the heart of the city center surrounded by historic monuments and buildings that have marked Monterrey’s history. Just a few steps away, there’s Barrio Antiguo, considered the social and cultural heart of the city; during daytime you will be able to admire the architecture and cobbled streets, and at night you can enjoy the nightlife filled with music and illuminated streets.


7. Fundidora Park: Considered an Industrial Archaeology Museum, it manages to combine the ancient structures of the old Iron and Steel Foundry of Monterrey, with history, art and entertainment. Within its recreational facilities, you can find Horno 3, Center of the Arts, Ice Skating rink, amongst others. For more information you can visit:


8. Cultural Trolley Tour: It offers a tour through historic downtown Monterrey, in a trolley replicating the transportation used at the start of the 20th century, passing by the principal attractions of the city, and lead by a specialized guide.


9. Sesame Street Park: This amusement park is located alongside Fundidora Park, it combines interactive rides and displays with the latest technology, bringing fun to the whole family. It has aquatic and mechanical rides, as well as entertaining shows with all the Sesame Street characters. For more information please visit:


10. And finally, if you enjoy Golf, you can play at Parque Rio golf course, right in the downtown area. It has 9 completely illuminated holes, making it possible to practice even at night, and the best thing is that it’s open for the public in general. There are qualified professionals in the premises, who give individual and group lessons. For more information please visit

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February Events in Monterrey

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What our guests are saying

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We’d like to present you some of the comments our guests left us recently.

“We are happy for the excellent attention we received, especially by Mr. Moisés. The Hotel offers comfort, hospitality, safety, with out a doubt the best hotels in the area… Congratulations!!! Keep up the good work.” –  Kym Soto

“Sr. Safi Mi nombre es Rabbi Eliot Pearlson. Yo viajo alrededor del mundo con frecuencia y creo firmemente que cuando las cosas son bien realizadas – es muy importante alabar a los empleados – así como cuando las cosas no se realizan con la profesionalidad con que se espera. Por favor acepte mi expresión de suma satisfacción con todo su staff- desde Recepción hasta camaristas. Recomendaré su hotel, sin duda alguna, a todos. La excelencia debe ser recompensada. ¡Muchas gracias!” – Rabbi Eliot Pearlson

“I want to congratulate you for the quality, comfort and beauty of your facilities, highlighting the human quality of all your staff. Congratulations!” – Roberto Villeda

“I’d like to thank you for all the attentions received, you have excellent staff, thanks to all of them for making our stay such a pleasant one. We hope to see you soon. Thank you” – Zamora Garcia Family


If you want to read more comments click here.

Thanks for your kind remarks and we hope to have you back really soon!

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Safi Royal Luxury Hotels

We are a Luxurious 5 Star Hotel with services beyond Your expectations.

We have two properties en Monterrey, Nuevo León, located strategically in Pino Suárez, downtown area, and in Diego Rivera, in the most exclusive business area of Valle Oriente.

Our spacious and comfortable rooms with High Speed Wireless Internet, Ultra Comfort beds, coffee maker, double vanity area, are only some of the luxury amenities we offer.

A wide variety of suites with wood flooring, Jacuzzi, and terraces are offered.

International Cuisine restaurant, room service, and fully equipped business center, are all open 24 hrs. Elegant Conference and Banquet Rooms are available for social and business events.

Unique hotels in Monterrey, which display great elegance in an embracing atmosphere.

For more information visit our website

Safi Royal Luxury Hotels, Beyond Your Expectations.

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Top 10 Things to Do when You’re Packing

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Holidays are almost here and we know most of you are preparing for a vacation trip.

Getting ready for vacations requires more than just reserving a hotel room or buying plane ticket, this is only the first part; knowing what to pack and what to bring with you can help you control your vacation budget as well as your overall comfort level. 

That’s why we’d like to share with you this list of Top 10 things you need to keep in mind when you’re packing, that suggests us.

1.      Make a list before you start – It’s easy to forget to pack certain things when you’re not sure what you need in the first place. Try making a list according to the days that you will be gone and write down what you might want to wear and bring.

2. Start a pile – It can help to start putting the things you want to bring with you on vacation in a pile prior to your departure. This will help you pack things as you think of them, as well as lessens the overall time you need to spend.

3. Be hesitant about luxury items – While you might want to bring your digital camera, think twice about the expensive jewelry or watches you might want to pack. You don’t want to lose these items or have them stolen when they didn’t really need to come with you in the first place.

4. Check your insurance policy – On that note, give a call to your insurance agent to see what’s covered in terms of luggage loss or items lost on vacation. You may want to extend your policy for the length of your vacation to put your mind at rest.

5. Create maps ahead of time – If you already have a good idea of where you’re going and what you’ll be doing, be sure to print out directional maps as you are packing. It will save you time and trouble when you arrive at your destination.

6. Remember your prescriptions – If you’re under the care of a physician for a certain ailment, you will want to be sure that you have more than enough pills to carry you through your trip. You will also want to have an additional prescription form and the number of your doctor on hand for emergencies.

7. Think about safety – While you probably won’t need this, remember to pack a small first aid kit as well as flashlight and batteries. This can help if you become stranded somewhere unfamiliar or become injured during an activity.

8. Conserve space in your bag – The best way to pack your clothes to keep them wrinkle-free is to roll each item separately and place into your bag. This also takes up much less room than traditional packing.

9. Think about your feet – Try to limit the pairs of shoes you bring with you on your vacation. Not only are they space-consuming and heavy, but they’re typically not necessary. A good pair of walking shoes and one pair of dress shoes is fine – and you’re wearing one of these pairs on the plane or in the car.

10. Consider what you plan to buy – Since most people come back with souvenirs of their trip, you might want to remember that when you’re packing and leave some space to bring things back.


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Welcome to our Blog!

Safi Royal Luxury Hotels wants to thank you for visiting our Blog, where we will be posting about special events taking place, exclusive deals for our readers, and helpful tips and articles. 

Stay tuned!

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